●  Model DL350
●  Capacity 350kg
●  Model DL360
●  Capacity 360kg
●  For lifing 210 litre steel drum.
●  Easy Moves and handles open or closed head, loaded steel drums. Allows quick, gentle loading into overpacks and keeps drums upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries.
●  Works easily with overhead hoist or hook form forklift.
●  All-steel construction.
●  Net weight :9.5kg
●  Minimum Qty.: 20pcs
●  For lifting 210 litre open top and tight head steel drum, and plastic drums with L or X rings.
●  Welded gripping hooks.
●  Fitted with 20mm diameter steel pin for attaching to overhead hoist or crane.
●  Net weight 4.5kg
●  Minimum Qty.:20pcs


Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.

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